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Journal Articles by D.

Lin, D., B. Zhang, W. A. Scales, M. Wiltberger, C. R. Clauer, and Z. Xu
The role of solar wind density in cross polar cap potential saturation under northward interplanetary magnetic field
Geophysical Research Letters, 2017
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Janches, D., N. Swarnalingam, J. D. Carrillo-Sanchez, J. C. Gomez-Martin, R. Marshall, D. Nesvorny, J. M. C. Plane, W. Feng, and P. Pokorny
Radar Detectability Studies of Slow and Small Zodiacal Dust Cloud Particles. III. The Role of Sodium and the Head Echo Size on the Probability of Detection
The Astrophysical Journal, 2017
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Loucks, D., S. Palo, M. Pilinski, G. Crowley, I. Azeem, and D. Hampton
High-latitude GPS Phase Scintillation from E Region Electron Density Gradients During the December 20-21, 2015 Geomagnetic Storm
J. Geophys. Res., 2017
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Gillies, R. G., v. Eyken, A., Spanswick, E., Nicolls, M., Kelly, J., Greffen, M., Knudsen, D., Connors, M., Schutzer, M., Valentic, T., Malone, M., Buonocore, J., St.-Maurice, J.-P., Donovan, and E.
First observations from the RISR-C incoherent scatter radar
Radio Science, 2016
rbo risrn
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