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SRI AMISR Data Access and Radar Operations

PFISR data is transferred back to SRI in real time via a fiber optic internet connection on site. RISR-N data is shipped back to SRI via regular mail and as such, data availability is delayed by about 1 month.

Analysis-ready data

As part of the DARPA Atmosphere as a Sensor (AtmoSense) program, SRI created the AtmoSense Background Characterization (ABC) project. The project consisted on ingesting data from PFISR conditioned to geophysical drivers to create the ABC generative adversatial network (GAN) ( ). Both the measured and derived parameters from PFISR with their corresponding drivers for the majority of experiments between 2010 and 2020 can be found in the following link:

AMISR User Manual

A guide created by Dr. Leslie Lamarche for scientific end users of AMISR data. It will give a broad overview of how to access, plot, and interpret the data.

RISR-C Data Access

RISR-C data is processed and managed by the University of Calgary.