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Journal Articles by A. V. Eyken

R. G. Gillies, A. van Eyken, E. Spanswick, M. Nicolls, J. Kelly, M. Greffen, D. Knudsen, M. Connors, M. Schutzer, T. Valentic, M. Malone, J. Buonocore, J.-P. St.-Maurice, and E. Donovan
First observations from the RISR-C incoherent scatter radar
Radio Science, 2016
rbo risrn
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J. J. Sojka, M. Nicolls, A. van Eyken, C. Heinselman, and D. Bilitza
24/7 Solar minimum polar cap and auroral ion temperature observations
Advances in Space Research, 2011
amisr pfisr
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S.-R. Zhang, J. M. Holt, A. P. van Eyken, C. Heinselman, and M. McCready
IPY observations of ionospheric yearly variations from high- to middle-latitude incoherent scatter radars
J. Geophys. Res., 2010
amisr pfisr sondrestrom
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J. J. Sojka, R. L. McPherron, A. P. van Eyken, M. J. Nicolls, C. J. Heinselman, and J. D. Kelly
Observations of ionospheric heating during the passage of solar coronal hole fast streams
Geophys. Res. Lett., 2009
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Conference Papers

T. Valentic, J. Buonocore, M. Cousins, C. Heinselman, J. Jorgensen, J. Kelly, M. Malone, M. Nicolls, and A. van Eyken
AMISR: The Advanced Modular Incoherent Scatter Radar
2013 IEEE International Symposium on Phased Array Systems and Technology, 2013
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