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Journal Articles by A. V. Koustov

A. Koustov, R. Gillies, and P. Bankole
Validation of Clyde River SuperDARN radar velocity measurements with the RISR-C incoherent scatter radar
Ann. Geophys., 2018
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R. G. Gillies, G. W. Perry, A. V. Koustov, R. H. Varney, A. S. Reimer, E. Spanswick, J.-P. St.-Maurice, and E. Donovan
Large-scale comparison of polar cap ionospheric velocities measured by RISR-C, RISR-N, and SuperDARN
Journal of Geophysical Research: Radio Science, 2018
risrn risrc
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A. V. Koustov, P. V. Ponomarenko, C. J. Graf, R. G. Gillies, and D. R. Themens
Optimal F region electron density for the PolarDARN radar echo detection near the Resolute Bay zenith
Journal of Geophysical Research: Radio Science, 2018
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A. V. Koustov, D. B. Lavoie, and R. H. Varney
On the consistency of the SuperDARN radar velocity and E×B plasma drift
Radio Science, 2016
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R. A. Makarevich, A. V. Koustov, and M. J. Nicolls
Poker Flat Incoherent Scatter Radar observations of anomalous electron heating in the E-region
Ann. Geophys., 2013
amisr pfisr
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A. V. Koustov, K. Hosokawa, N. Nishitani, K. Shiokawa, and H. Liu
Signatures of moving polar cap arcs in the F-region PolarDARN echoes
Ann. Geophys., 2012
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