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Journal Articles by R. L. Collins

C. C. Triplett, J. Li, R. L. Collins, G. A. Lehmacher, A. Barjatya, D. C. Fritts, B. Strelnikov, F.-J. Luebken, B. Thurairajah, V. L. Harvey, D. L. Hampton, and R. H. Varney
Observations of Reduced Turbulence and Wave Activity in the Arctic Middle Atmosphere Following the January 2015 Sudden Stratospheric Warming
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 2018
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R. H. Varney, M. C. Kelley, M. J. Nicolls, C. J. Heinselman, and R. L. Collins
The electron density dependence of polar mesospheric summer echoes
J Atmos Sol-Terr Phy, 2011
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M. C. Kelley, M. J. Nicolls, R. H. Varney, R. L. Collins, R. Doe, J. M. C. Plane, J. Thayer, M. Taylor, B. Thurairajah, and K. Mizutani
Radar, lidar, and optical observations in the polar summer mesosphere shortly after a space shuttle launch
J. Geophys. Res., 2010
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M. J. Taylor, Y. Zhao, P.-D. Pautet, M. J. Nicolls, R. L. Collins, J. Barker-Tvedtnes, C. D. Burton, B. Thurairajah, J. Reimuller, R. H. Varney, C. J. Heinselman, and K. Mizutani
Coordinated optical and radar image measurements of noctilucent clouds and polar mesospheric summer echoes
J. Atmos. Solar-Terr. Phys., 2009
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